Did You Know Bellingham Automotive has an In-House Volvo Expert?

At Bellingham Automotive, we are extremely proud that we’ve served the community for 25+ years in automotive repair, and that many people are familiar with our reputation. We love that you’ve referred us for your domestic, European, and diesel cars and trucks. We are happy to work on a variety of vehicles, and it brings us a great amount of joy to solve your automotive problems

But, did you know that Bellingham Automotive has an in-house Volvo Expert?

Towner, has an extensive history with Volvo and applies that experience and skill at Bellingham Automotive. Towner has worked in the Volvo dealership and is able to apply those skills at Bellingham Automotive. Towner is a ASE Certified Technician, Graduate of Bellingham Technical College and has recently completed several course’s through World Pac Training Institute the latest being Volvo New Technology.

We know that the Volvo dealership in town recently closed, so we welcome any customers with Volvo vehicles to bring them to Bellingham Automotive. Towner will be more than happy to take care of them with the same excellence and customer service that Bellingham provides the rest of our customers, and you can rest assured that someone knowledgeable will be servicing your Volvo.

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